The Animal Protection League presents S.O.S. Virtual Walkathon


1PM - 3PM

Join us, online, for the S.O.S. Walkthon and Support Our Shelter -- virtually!
Animal Protection League Supporters are invited to raise funds and walk from

NOW until Sunday, November 8th, to help us continue our lifesaving mission.



This year, our annual walkathon is going virtual to keep you, our dedicated supporters,

safe while still championing the cause we believe so strongly in.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, The Animal Protection League is changing our annual walkathon to a virtual event. This means participants can choose to walk in their own neighborhoods, at a nearby park, or even on a treadmill at home to help APL save more lives.

While this year's event will be different from years past, the goal remains the same -- to celebrate the human/animal connection and to raise much needed funds for the thousands of needy animals who will come to The Animal Protection League this year.

Like most Madison County businesses and charities, The Animal Protection League has been hit hard by the COVID-19 Pandemic. While adoptions have soared -- our fundraising efforts that help us give each animal who enters our doors their best chance at a second chance -- have suffered.

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As the ONLY open-admission shelter in Anderson, we face many challenges on a daily basis.  The S.O.S. Walkathon helps keep our doors open and the animals in our care alive.  While our role as "animal control" for the city helps offset some of the costs involved with operating a shelter, it represents less than 20% of the funds needed to make this place work. Animal care costs, medical needs, staffing, utilities - the list is never ending.  Your support is needed now more than ever


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On Sunday, November 8th, I will be walking homeless shelter dogs for two hours around our facility. I am walking in memory of my beloved Maddie, the Pit Bull who I heartbreakingly helped pass a few weeks ago... and for my mom, who died of COVID-19 in April.

My precious Maddie taught me about Pit Bulls. She is why I am such an advocate for this misunderstood breed. Maddie exemplified unconditional love and loyalty. I don't think I've ever had a living being look at me with such adoration -- with total love. Her heart in her eyes, every time. Maddie was always happy to see me, no matter what. She would gently wag her tail any time I was near. I am walking for her, for my mom who passed her love of animals to me, and for everyone I’ve sadly lost in 2020.

The first year of this event, I made the ridiculous promise that I would walk all four hours of The FURlong event to raise money for The Animal Protection League. I told the APL Board of Directors that I personally wanted to raise $10,000. They thought I was a little crazy to do this in the first place and told me I should lower my expectations. I raised $9,338.00 almost making my original goal. I have been fortunate over the last seven years of the event to not only reach my goals, but to exceed them… raising between $15,000-$18,000 - thanks to this community and all of our loyal supporters. This has taught me to always aim high for an audacious goal and take that leap of faith.

My Long, Long Walk and raising an audacious amount of money has never been needed more than it is right now. I will walk all two hours of this virtual event for your generous, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation.

Thank you, 

Maleah Stringer

Executive Director

Help Maleah reach her $10,000 goal --

Donate to her Facebook fundraiser.

Give a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift online. Be sure to include Maleah's Long Walk in the note. 

Contribute via mail.  Send a check to 613 Dewey Street, Anderson, IN 46016.  Be sure to inlcude Maleah's Long Walk in the memo.