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The Animal Protection League is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization committed to the welfare of animals and people.  


Since 2011, The Animal Protection League has played a vital role in our community -- making second chances possible through the human/animal connection.  We have a fantastic, talented, and dedicated staff that contributes to this mission, helping to save the lives of thousands of animals in need every year.  Interested in joining us?  You've come to the right page! 

Making second chances possible.

Founded in 2003: Our goal was to raise awareness concerning animal care and cruelty.  Over the years, we have introduced programs educating the public on the humane treatment of animals, responsible care-giving and the importance of the human/animal connection; the reciprocal bond that exists between humans and animals.


On April 1, 2011: The APL entered a partnership with the City of Anderson to manage the operations of its animal shelter.  Using the resources available to us, our staff strives every day to find loving and lifelong adopters for the homeless cats and dogs in our community. 

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