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Volunteers are truly the heart and soul of our organization. Whether you are stroking a cat, walking a dog, cleaning a kennel or even greeting a visitor, each hour a volunteer gives has an immeasurable value.


One of our top priorities is to always create the best environment possible for our animals during their stay with us.  For the safety of our wonderful helpers, staff, visitors and animals, we require that each volunteer be appropriately introduced to our facility and trained before assisting with the shelter needs.


By volunteering to help at shelter events, you’re supplying a better chance for a dog to get adopted. They normally set in their kennel and wait to be seen. But by taking a dog out of the shelter and spending a few hours at an adoption event, you’re giving the dog an opportunity to be seen by more people. And they’re being socialized, which will reduce their stress level.  


Get involved today by completing the volunteer form below.

You may also download and complete the Volunteer Application then, return it via email to

Volunteer Application
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