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Three happy miracles from APL

May 9, 2019 


Dogs Willowmina and Coco came to the Animal Protection League in February, along with their other buddy DJ.

Their owner went to jail, and there was no one who could care for them. Willow and Coco are both 9 years old and have grown up together … as long as they were together, even in a stressful shelter, they seemed to be happy. We were able to put DJ, who is 6 years old, in the Fido prison program a couple of weeks ago, and he is doing well.

All three dogs quickly became staff and volunteer favorites because of their gentle and sweet natures. It is always hard for us when senior animals come to the shelter. We don’t want any animal having to live in a shelter, but it is particularly sad when they are seniors. They deserve so much more than an overcrowded, loud shelter in their golden years. Especially when they have been loved their entire lives and suddenly find themselves without their humans.

We were contacting rescue after rescue trying to find a place for Willow and Coco to go to no avail. Everyone was full. And the fact that they are bonded and have to stay together was a deterrent. We find this to be true every time we have bonded pairs, whether it is cats or dogs. Also, Willow is heartworm positive and will need treatment.

We had lots of people share them on Facebook in our quest for a home. Lots of people were asking that someone give them a home but we were coming up empty ... until Deb, her daughter and their senior dog came to look at other senior dogs to adopt. Toni, our adoption coordinator, and I both started pushing them toward these two dogs. Let’s just say these two women looked at lots of dogs. They told me that their dog was the decision maker on who they took.

Much to our delight — and yes I did give him many treats as a bribe — he chose Willow and Coco.


We are getting reports that they love these dogs and everything is going great. Getting these two dogs in a loving home removed a huge burden from our hearts. It made us so sad to see them peering at us through the kennels and wagging their whole bodies, begging us to come spend time with them. These are the kind of adoptions that keep us doing this work another day.

Another adoption highlight was Bologna the pit bull. After more than a year in the shelter, returned once because the other dog in the home didn’t like him, Bologna finally found a great home. His new people adore him. Bologna was also a staff and volunteer favorite. We were so worried about him; it seemed as if he had given up and was tired of waiting. And then he hit the jackpot — just reminding us that miracles are possible. Don’t give up.


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