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The Animal Protection League presents Ruff Ruff Relay


Shadyside Memorial Park
1112 Broadway Street, Anderson

11AM - 3PM

Join us, Saturday, November 5th, at Shadyside Memorial Park!
Animal Protection League Supporters are invited to collect TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations, then hit the trail with us as we raise funds 
to continue our lifesaving mission.



We are asking our dedicated supporters to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our work. Animal Protection League Supporters are invited to collect TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations, then join us Saturday, November 5th, at Shadyside Memorial Park for the Ruff Ruff Relay. 

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. With YOUR HELP we can save thousands of animals' lives!

Join hundreds of animal lovers and their four-legged friends as we raise much needed funds for The Animal Protection League, Anderson's ONLY open-admission shelter.  Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make sure every animal that enters our doors is given a chance at a better life, but we simply can't do it without your help.  Your participation allows us to continue our mission - and give these precious abandoned, abused, and neglected animals the second chances they so desperately deserve.   

Create your Ruff Ruff Relay Fundraiser and start saving lives, TODAY!


As the ONLY open-admission shelter in Anderson, we face many challenges on a daily basis.  Walk for Change helps keep our doors open and the animals in our care alive.  While our role as "animal control" for the city helps offset some of the costs involved with operating a shelter, it represents less than 20% of the funds needed to make this place work. Animal care costs, medical needs, staffing, utilities - the list is never ending.  Your support is needed now more than ever


Create your campaign to start raising much needed, lifesaving funds.


maleah walk
long walk 2020 (1).png

It’s that time again! Time for Maleah’s Long, Long Walk at The Animal Protection League’s Ruff Ruff Relay on Saturday, November 5th, at Shadyside Memorial Park. I have been fortunate over the last nine years to not only reach my goals, but to exceed them… raising between $15,000-$18,000 each year - thanks to this community and all of our loyal supporters.

There has never been a time in the 13 years I have been the Director at APL that we’ve needed your help more than now. The number of animals coming into the shelter is overwhelming. We are the only open admission shelter for the City of Anderson. If a city resident brings us an animal, we have to take them -- regardless if we have space or not. Very simply, we are in crisis at APL. Due to high intake, we have dogs living in crates and cats & kittens stacked to the ceiling. We have always been understaffed and underfunded, but now we are being expected to do more with the same amount of resources. We are being asked to perform miracles on a daily basis.

I will walk until my legs fall off and my voice goes hoarse fighting for the compassionate care of animals in our community and around the world. Because for me, this is not just about animal abuse. This is about our humanity, our compassion as a society. This is a reflection of who we are as a people. My Long, Long Walk and raising an audacious amount of money has never been needed more than it is right now. I will walk all three hours of the event for your generous donation. I encourage you to join me in the walk, by creating your own Fundraiser and taking as few or as many laps around the park as you wish.

Thank you,

Maleah Stringer

Your donation TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

Help Maleah reach her $10,000 goal --

Donate to her Facebook fundraiser.

Give a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift online. Be sure to include Maleah's Long Walk in the note. 

Contribute via mail.  Send a check to 613 Dewey Street, Anderson, IN 46016.  Be sure to include Maleah's Long Walk in the memo. 

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