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Providing life saving medical care for shelter pets.

One sick, injured, or neglected animal at a time.

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The USA Roofing Second Chance Fund was founded in 2016, to provide the life saving medical care necessary to treat the sick and injured animals at The Animal Protection League.  Dogs and cats often arrive at our shelter with life threatening diseases, infections and injuries.  They are the victims of dog fighting, animal attacks, hit-by-car accidents, and years of neglect.  Unfortunately, The Animal Protection League does not have the resources or funds to provide expensive, specialized treatment for these homeless pets.  Without donations to support their lifesaving care, sadly many of these animals cannot be saved – dogs and cats that would otherwise be wonderful pets.


Heartworm is a serious and potentially fatal disease that affects several dogs who come into our care. Left untreated, heartworms can cause severe lung disease and heart failure. Thanks to our donors, we've successfully treated and found forever homes for many Heartworm Positive canines. 

Animals often arrive at the shelter in need of urgent medical care. Whether victims of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, we believe they all deserve compassionate care. We regularly fund amputations, mass removals, and broken bone repairs for homeless pets. With your support, these second chances are possible. 

Cats regularly suffer the effects of homelessness. They come to us after trauma, full of infection. Many cases require costly procedures including enucleation, or removal of the eye. These cats and kittens recover and adapt remarkably. Your contribution ensures affected felines a second chance at living a healthy, happy life. 


$800 +



Midnight was surrendered to The Animal Protection League at only three months old, with double cherry eye, in need of veterinary care.  He underwent corrective surgery, but suffered complications in his right eye.  After searching tirelessly, a veterinarian was found to save Midnight's eye. He recovered effortlessly and found a fantastic forever family.  Midnight was able to blossom into a happy, healthy hound because of the continued support of donors like you. 


Joey was involved in a tragic accident that left his leg severely damaged.  Our veterinary partners did their best to save his leg, but the injury was beyond repair.  After a successful amputation and quick recovery, he adapted perfecly to life on three legs.  Because he was given a second chance, Joey spends his days lounging in a loving home.


When you donate, you're helping abandoned dogs like Hoppy.  He was found in subzero temperatures with a badly mangled leg.  In the middle of the night, he had been tied to The Humane Society's porch.  Due to extensive trauma, Hoppy's leg had to be amputated.  He recovered like a champ and hasn't skipped a beat.  He even found a wonderful forever home.



Abby arrived at the shelter as a stray.  She was confused and covered in large mammary tumors.  She quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite.  After a special appearance on WTHR News, a dedicated volunteer spearheaded the fundraising for Abby's lifesaving medical needs.  Her tumors were removed, and she recovered remarkably.  Abby is looking and feeling better than ever because of our compassionate supporters.


Apollo is a great example of the commitment our staff and volunteers posses for making second chances possible.  After becoming depressed and withdrawn in the shelter, it was discovered that Apollo needed surgery to correct entropian, a medical condition in which the eyelid turns inward.  Our passionate supporters funded his veterinary care and ended Apollo's suffering.  While recouperating in his foster home, he made such a great connection that they made him an official member of their family.

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The USA Roofing Second Chance Fund is a vital resource for The Animal Protection League, but we depend on donations from the public to continue to help these deserving animals. Donating to The USA Roofing Second Chance Fund makes an extraordinary impact on the health and welfare of the many homeless animals who are placed in our care.  Your contribution helps ensure the lifesaving care that makes second chances possible. 

The Second Chance Fund was made possible by a generous donation from USA Roofing.  

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